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App Studio Education Plan

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Give Instructors and Students the Tools They Need and Turn Academic Coursework into Compelling Communications

QuarkXPress® for Your Design Department
Quark makes it easy for you to provide comprehensive instruction on the design tools your students need for a competitive edge.

Quark also gives you flexible options to manage software licenses so instructors and students have access to QuarkXPress – and your college or university maximizes its software spending. See Teachers and Faculty Information.

QuarkXPress for your Entire Institution
But why limit the benefits of creative software to your design students? Take advantage of QuarkXPress® education volume pricing and help all of your faculty and students turn their knowledge, ideas, and research into compelling print and digital communications.

We also offer an App Studio Education Plan that includes 250 QuarkXPress licenses along with everything you need to prepare students for the world of digital publishing, equipping them to create next generation iPad, iPhone and Android apps. Discover the App Studio Education Plan.

Benefits: Cost Savings

  • Save over 90% off the commercial list price
  • Low minimum purchase of 2 licenses required for both Activation and QLA licenses
  • Efficient use of your budget: Pay for only the software and services that you actually use
  • No complicated points structure or discount levels to maintain allowing your organization the security of low pricing at all times

Benefits for Students

  • Students can learn a powerful design tool, fast!
  • Students can turn bland assignments, class presentations, and other projects into visually compelling achievements in print and digital formats
  • Upon graduation, the student is allowed to upgrade to the Quark commercial license for $349

Software Management

  • Perpetual Licensing
    The licensing format is perpetual and is not cloud or internet based. It is installed directly to the end users computer
  • Simple License Management
    Use one serial number to manage all of your licenses
  • Software License Flexibility
    Choose between activation-based (per seat) licensing or concurrent-based licensing
  • Technical Support
    This license comes with 60 days of free technical assistance through the self-service support portal. Additional technical support plans (6 and 12 months) are available for purchase through the Quark store
  • Electronic Software Delivery
    Increased efficiency of license deployment with free-of-charge Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). Installation media is available for purchase
  • Cross-platform support
    All QuarkXPress education licenses include cross-platform serial numbers (Mac OS® and Windows®), so it's easy to switch platforms if your needs change

Customer Support: We’re Here for You

More Design and Publishing Options

Learn how your faculty and staff can publish academic works, marketing communications materials, and other communications on behalf of your institution using our dynamic publishing software:

  • App Studio – Everything you need to prepare students for the world of digital publishing, equipping them to create next generation iPad, iPhone and Android apps
  • QuarkCopyDesk – Let anyone author and edit directly in a richly designed QuarkXPress layout from their desktop computer
  • Quark Publishing Platform – Connect your faculty, marketing communications department, and other staff to your designers through a collaborative workflow

Case Study

University of Kentucky

Dynamic publishing helps the student-run daily newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, streamline production workflow and focus on creating award-winning content.

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