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Quark partners with best-in-class technology companies to provide the highest value content automation solutions for enterprise organisations. Our partners share in our mission to offer premium quality content solutions focused on intelligence, component-based content management, collaborative authoring, open standards, and omni-channel delivery to print, digital, Web, and mobile platforms.

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Aspose is a leading vendor of .NET, Java, Cloud and Android APIs, SharePoint components and rendering extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports. Aspose supports some of the most popular file formats in business, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio diagrams, OneNote, and PDFs.

Design Science is the worldwide leader in developing, marketing, and supporting software for scientific and technical publishing. The company’s MathType, MathFlow, MathPlayer and MathDaisy software products are used by scientists, engineers, educators and publishing professionals for authoring and publishing mathematical notation in print and online documents.

EFA is a leading software solutions company that provides financial services firms access to its extensive analytic content, metadata, performance data, and other metrics from any channel through a comprehensive server API. The EFA Platform captures, validates, and uploads analyst models to a database, making them consumable throughout an organization, with best-of-breed analytics capabilities.

Highsoft is the company behind the data visualization tools Highcharts, Highstock, and Highmaps. The products are developed in Javascript and are tools to provide interactive charts and diagrams for Web and mobile projects. Highsoft also offers an online charting tool known as Highcharts Cloud.

picturesafe media/data/bank GmbH is one of the leading providers of full-service solutions in all aspects of digital asset and brand management, with locations in Hamburg, Hanover, and Boston. Working with Quark, picturesafe integrated its dio:content — a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system — with Quark Publishing System. The integration helps large organizations and publishers, such as De Persgroep, to automate production workflows and realize maximum efficiency in cross-media publishing.

PoolParty is a semantic technology platform provided by the Semantic Web Company, a pioneer in the semantic web since 2001. The product is recognized by industry leaders as one of the most advanced semantic technology platforms. PoolParty supports enterprise needs in information management, metadata management, data analytics and content excellence. Typical PoolParty users such as taxonomists, subject matter experts and data scientists can easily build and enhance knowledge graphs without coding skills. Boehringer, Credit Suisse, Roche and The World Bank are among many clients benefiting from transforming data into expert or customer insights with PoolParty.

WIRIS is the market leader for math and technical publishing in web platforms. Include math and scientific content in Quark Author smoothly with WIRIS EDITOR. The solution comes with a fully featured palette based tools but also handwriting recognition of math equations and chemistry formulas. UI based on modern HTML5 technologies. Beyond equations WIRIS QUIZZES provides computer-based grading for assessment.