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T-Systems in France and Quark deploy a dynamic publishing platform for Airbus

T-Systems in France deploys "Magnet", a platform based on Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution® for its client Airbus, to create a magazine on several different media and in multiple languages.

PARIS - 6/15/2009 - T-Systems in France and Quark Inc. today announced that the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, part of the EADS Group, is using a solution developed by T-Systems and based on Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (Quark DPS) to optimize the publication of its in-house magazine, distributed to all the company's locations worldwide. Quark DPS combines publishing functions until now covered by multiple processes, from content creation to automated workflows, and from content management to the delivery of customised information on different channels. This approach enables workflows to be streamlined, productivity to be increased, overall costs to be reduced and the information needed to be provided on demand.

The challenges: cross-media publication and time savings
For many years, Airbus has produced an in-house magazine in four languages (French, German, English, Spanish) and five versions* every two months. This 24-page internal communications medium, with a print run of approximately 65,000 copies, serves not only as an information journal for employees, but also as a liaison and integration tool between workers at all the company's different locations.

In a context of cost reduction, the key challenge from a "tools" perspective, other than optimising the production processes, was to allow the production and distribution of localized versions of this magazine using different media, based on centralised contents. At the same time, this involved maintaining brand integrity and respecting the graphic charter. The final, but no less significant challenge, was for all contributors worldwide to share seamlessly the same tool and the same processes. From a "readers" perspective, the Airbus Communications department, responsible for this magazine, wanted to offer the ability to access it through multiple media, both hard copy and on the employee portal via a true online magazine and low-res PDF files for reading in a web browser. The question of reduced production times was also carefully considered, since the publishing frequency of the print version for people without computer access was one of the stated goals. Over time, the aim was to bridge the "digital gulf" between connected and non-connected employees.

The answer: Quark and T-Systems in France
Airbus chose T-Systems in France, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom's Corporate Customer unit, to select and produce a single platform to meet their various challenges. Following in-depth research into the dynamic publishing solutions available, T-Systems selected and presented Airbus teams with a solution based on Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution®.

The platform, designed, developed and operated by T-Systems, is called "Magnet" and collects the complete stream of Web content to enable real-time generation of the different versions of the magazine via the QuarkXPress licenses installed within the editorial offices. These offices are distributed across five locations in four countries. Each Airbus editorial team places their contents on the platform; the contents are then automatically inserted into the magazine layout and put back on the server. The chief editorial team, based in Blagnac, is responsible for centralizing all versions and approving them before returning them to the different Airbus locations for publication through their own channels.

Significantly reduced costs
The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform started to go live in February 2009. The editorial teams at the different sites soon took up the system and saw the added value of such an implementation with an exemplary return on investment, both in production times and in terms of their costs.

What is more, it is now possible to access the Airbus intranet and read the magazine as a low-res PDF to view the articles. With this multi-channel approach, Airbus has also been able to reduce printing costs and lower its impact on the environment.

Following the success of the first version of the platform, and thanks to the close cooperation between the Airbus editorial teams and the T-Systems and Quark teams, a second version should be operational by the middle of 2009, based on QuarkXPress Server 8 and QuarkXPress 8 licenses.

Gildas Duval, Quark Sales Director for Southern Europe, is pleased with the T-Systems in France choice of Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution for Airbus. "Today, communications must be considered as global and multi-channel, allowing companies to create easily reusable contents, on a number of different media, while retaining the integrity of visual identity and the graphic charter. The example of Airbus, by its nature an international company, illustrates the challenges addressed by the Quark strategy in terms of dynamic publishing. We are particularly proud to be able to provide T-Systems with a solution which meets all of Airbus' publishing needs."

And Pierre Binot, Vice President, Systems Integration for T-Systems in France, then added: "The implementation of this SaaS platform has enabled T-Systems to demonstrate its perfect understanding of all elements in the ICT supply chain. Involved in the project since its inception providing support and consultancy to project managers for the definition of goals and product requirements, T-Systems was responsible for the tool's design and development through the integration of the Quark solution to its implementation and roll out to users. Taking into account the different operational and technical constraints associated with the Airbus organization and IT landscape, T-Systems has successfully demonstrated its ability to act as a global partner on projects such as this. To be able to publish information which is at the same time multimedia, dynamic and customizable is becoming an ever increasing need for our clients. As suppliers of high added value services which combine Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), the only option for us was to consider the solutions offered by Quark and to present them to our clients, whether from the aeronautics, industrial or financial sectors. Establishing synergies with Quark has enabled Airbus to move fully to dynamic publishing".

* French, German, Spanish, UK English and International for Airbus' non European locations.

About Airbus
Airbus is one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the industry. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.

It is a truly global enterprise of some 52,000 employees, with wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United States, China, Japan, India and the Middle East, spare parts centers in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Washington, Beijing and Singapore, training centers in Toulouse, Miami, Hamburg and Beijing, and more than 200 field service offices around the world. Airbus also relies on industrial co-operation and partnerships with major companies all over the world, and a network of some 1,500 suppliers in thirty countries.

About Quark Software Inc.
Quark Software Inc. develops a content automation platform that helps large organisations streamline the creation, management, publishing and delivery of business-critical content. Our solutions automate the process with reusable Smart Content components that can be dynamically assembled and delivered with precision in any format and to any channel — web, tablet, mobile, print, and more. As a result, leaders in industries such as finance, manufacturing, energy, and government can reduce costs, save time, improve consistency and make their content brilliant.

About T-Systems
With a global infrastructure of computer centres and networks, T-Systems operates information and communications technology (ICT) for multinational corporations and public institutions. On this basis, Deutsche Telekom's corporate-customer unit offers integrated solutions for the connected future of business and society. Some 46,000 employees combine industry expertise and ICT innovations to add noticeable value to their customers' core business all over the world. T-Systems generated revenue of around EUR 11 billion in the 2008 financial year.

For more information about the company and its services in France: www.t-systems.fr Internationally: www.t-systems.com

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