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Standards Organizations

Quark is committed to developing, defining, and adhering to open standards that emphasize improved operating efficiencies and help businesses deliver content in a more streamlined, cost-effective, and integrated manner.


IDPF, the Global Trade and Standards Association for Electronic Publishing

The IDPF develops and maintains the EPUB standard format for reflowable digital books and other digital publications that are interoperable between disparate reading devices and applications. The IDPF also provides a forum that fosters enhanced communication between all stakeholders in the emerging global digital publishing industry. Quark is an active member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), advancing discussions on the rapid evolution of digital publishing and technologies that help publishers create engaging digital content for all platforms and devices.


RIXML.org, Building an Open Standard for Research

Quark is an associate member of RIXML.org, a consortium of buy-side, sell-side, and vendor firms committed to the development and implementation of the first open standard for investment research. “RIXML.org welcomes Quark as an associate member,” said Jack Roehrig, Executive Director, RIXML.org. “With a tremendous amount of expertise in XML authoring and a significant position in the market, Quark will lend unique and valuable insight to our mission as an XML standards consortium.” Quark offers Quark XML Author, an XML authoring tool that allows anyone to create XML content directly in Microsoft Word. Quark XML Author can be configured for RIXML so that research analysts and other non-technical professionals in the financial services industry can create RIXML content easily, without having an understanding of XML coding.

Ghent PDF Workgroup

Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG)

Quark is a member of Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG), an international assembly of graphic arts professionals established to create, test, and disseminate best practices and specifications for publishing workflows. Members include user representatives and vendors who share ideas and test methods for the most practical, accurate, and convenient exchange of print-ready files between creators and producers of print.